Crosman SNR357 BB Pellet Gun Loading and Shooting

This is a review of my latest bb/pellet gun. The crosman snr357. It is really sturdy and most of the weapon is metal. The only down part I dont like about the gun is the grip. The grip is heavy duty plastic. But it occasionally comes apart from the metal underneath. It is relatively easy to put back though. It is about 3-4 pounds and just enough weight to feel like a real pistol. What I like about is the double action. In my video I talk a little about the double action. To be honest though I think that was a great addition to add the gun. Reloading is pretty easy. So far my favorite ammunition or (BBs/Pellets) are the pellets. To me it feels like if I were shooting a real gun.

As I  said earlier this gun is really fun to shoot. Especially the double-Action. I find that when I shoot my guns it’s up to my umarex 40xp and my snr357 for the feel of it and its performance.

The difference between the BBs and the pellets are the BBs are a little easier to shoot. I say this because compared the the pellets you need to really aim to get at least near the target. When I shoot the BBs I find you dont really need to aim to hit near the intended target.

As i said earlier this weapon shoots double action. double Action mean you can just commit and pull the trigger all the way. The second action is to pull the hammer back and then shoot. It’s easier like this because you don’t have to travel all that way to pull the trigger.

The way you load the BBs are you grab the cartridge and you go to the rubber part of the cartridge. You place a BB into the Slot and you’re done.

The way you load the pellets are the same way you load the BBs, you put it in the rubber, but for the pellets there is a rubber piece near the back of the cartridge and insert the pellet there.

The difference between the cartridges are the BB one has the rubber piece near the front and the pellet has the rubber near the back.

I shot the weapon pretty well.It felt way different shooting the pellets instead of the BBs because the pellets felt like more important. What I noticed about shooting the revolver is it felt like a real revolver and it also felt like I had to put more effort in holding the gun.

I shot a total of 12 BBs and 12 pellets. I shot 24 pieces of ammunition in total.

I will be doing a giveaway of the target I used in my video. The way to enter is You will have to put ‘’I want it’’ in  the comments below. I will chose a person at random then we can exchange information and then I will mail it to you.

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My Free Downloadable Paper Targets

Crosman Airgun Safety

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Crosman SNR357

Equipment used to record and Edit

Canon Rebel SL2

Microsoft Moviemaker

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