My First Track and Field Practice

Check out my first track practice of the year. I am part of an AAU track and field team, CT Lets Go! and their website is

This was my first time trying Track and Field, and I wanted to explore the different sports/events in Track and Field. This was my first practice, and we practiced at Holy Cross High School in Waterbury, Connecticut.

We started with stretches, then moved on to a warm up lap, and then started doing 100M dashes. Some of our team members started practicing hurdles.

Here’s a video of my first practice:

After the 100M and Hurdles, we went to the long jump area and practiced the long jump. That was pretty fun. After the long jump was finished, we ran two more laps, and we were done.

This was a pretty fun introduction to track and field, and I continued the season until ultimately competing in the Nutmeg State Games. My two main events are the Turbo Javelin and the High Jump. You can find videos and pictures of those events here on my channel.

Here’s some more pictures of the event.

Have you ever tried track and field? What are your favorite events? Comment below!

Equipment used to record:
iPhone 6

Canon 80D

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