Summer 2017 June Edition

Hope You’re Having a Great Summer!

I’ve wasted no time staying busy and enjoying the outdoors. To start, we visited our friend’s organic farm, and did a farm tour. We then tried to help with the assembly of a green house and I met a few new friends Isiah and Tony.

We then took a trip to Black Rock State Park and went fishing with my dad and my grandpa. I made a trap to catch bait, and we used the bait to catch bigger fish. We caught Perch. My grandpa taught me how to take the scales off a fish and how to clean it so the meat doesn’t spoil. 

We also celebrated my sister Hannah‘s 16th birthday, Happy Birthday Hannah! It was a great time with our family and friends. Another birthday we celebrated was my friend Justin’s. We went to an Extreme Paintball park here in Connecticut and played capture the flag. I took a pretty nice shot on my inner thigh and that sucked! But overall our team did well and we won a few games. I can’t wait to go back.

Have you ever seen snow in the summer? We did! We got caught in a Hail storm during Track Practice in JUNE! The hail pellets looked like little eggs. It was so weird.

A few days later our AAU team went to the regional competition to see who can move up to the next phase and compete at the Junior Olympics. We had to get up super early and drive 140 miles to New Jersey. The day was super hot, humid, and tiring. I did qualify in two events, even if I did a little worse on the high jump than I had in the past.

I met the totally awesome Sydney McLaughlin and she even autographed my sneakers! It was an honor to meet her especially because she is from New Jersey and the fastest olympian I’ve ever met.


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Equipment used to record:

iPhone SE

iPhone 6

Nikon P7000

Canon 80D

Lavalier Mic used with the iPhone SE

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