Sore Muscle Recovery

Whats up guys, athlete’s muscles are likely to be sore after intense training sessions. This is “the body’s natural reaction to unaccustomed stress from intense activity. It generally sets in 12 to 48 hours after exercise and can take days [to go away].”

Here’s a few tips to help boost your recovery:

Nutrition. Recovery starts at home before and after workouts. Athletes need to be properly hydrated during practice, drinking half their body weight in ounces of water every day. Potassium and sodium are primary electrolytes lost during exercise, so eat bananas, raisins, celery and bell peppers to replace those.

Controlled static stretching. Before bed, ensure you stretch to reduce the amount of soreness you may experience. Here’s a few stretches I personally recommend: (Keep the stretches slow but strong, focusing on flexibility)

Leg Stretches
· Standing Left over right
· Standing Right over left
· Standing Down the middle

Cherry pickers

Hurdler stretch
· Left
· Right
· Middle

Shoulder Stretches
· left arm
· right arm

Ice. Ice constricts blood vessels, alleviates inflammation and speeds recovery. Use an ice pack or bag for 15 minutes – or until the area is numb – three times per day if possible.

Here’s a few links with more info.…/…/7-steps-to-alleviate-sore-muscles…/……

Have your own tips? Comment below and share the knowledge! 👍🏿🏈


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