My School Project

Hey guy, jjros here and in my video I talked about International Women’s Day and black history month. International Women’s Day is about all the strong and hard working women. It doesn’t matter what race you are its for all the strong working women.

So in my life the strong working women are my mom and 2 sisters. My mom is special to me because she takes care of the house and is neat. She also has a shop called WoodyThings.

Now my sisters, they are so nice. Let’s talk about Hannah. She believes in God and she takes it seriously. If people say they don’t believe in God she really wont focus on what that person said for like the whole day. She is sweet, caring and neater than me.

Ok, now for Hazel. She goes to college  and is doing well. I love her because we always spend time together and do things together like go to places like Walmart or the Mall.

Now about Black history month. I chose to do my project on Katherine Johnson. So basically what she did was she was the first black woman in NASA. She helped by giving engineers math equations to double check the launch and lading of space rockets. This helped NASA launch satellites which help us today by allowing better communication around the world. We now have Global Positioning
Devices (GPS), the device that helps us map our locations and get places easier. Satellites and communication also helps our electronics connect to the internet.


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