My Basketball Practice Routine

Hey guys, now that our football season is over I’m playing basketball at the local Police Athletic League (PAL).

In this post I will be sharing some information about my stretching and  basketball drills. Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing some of the videos on my YouTube channel.

First we start practice by doing some stretches. I usually start with

  • Right and left leg back
  • Jumping jacks
  • Arm stretches
  • Stretch your legs to the left and right
  • Run 1 lap around the basketball court

Each stretch is about 30 seconds After stretching we begin our basketball drills. Some drills I do are

  • Controlling my ball handle
  • Practicing my jump shots
  • Lay ups on my strong/weak sidenebl-spalding-basket-ball
  • If I have a friend around or a wall around I’ll do bounce and chest passing
  • I practice my man to man pressure
  • Most important of all you have to know your position, mine is a small forward.
  • Run 2 laps around the basketball court to end practice

That’s it guys, that’s my basketball stretching and drills. After the drills we usually have a scrimmage and learn new zones. Stay tuned because ill be making a video on some basketball drills and stretching.

How about you guys, do you play basketball? Tell me about your stretches and drills in the comments below.


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