BIKE Youth Football Rib Pads Review

I am doing a review of the BIKE rib pad. I found mine at Modells but I’m pretty sure you can find yours at amazon or a sports place that has a football section.
rib-pad-review-thumbnail-dsc00171_fotorMine costs about $20.00

I wanted to do a review about this because a couple of weeks ago I got a football injury and got hit in the ribs. I didn’t break any ribs but I got bruised and got the wind knocked out of me.

The Claims

This product claims it protects the ribs and shouldn’t hurt you as much if you get hit there. And I realized that I get hit in my ribs more often and it doesn’t hurt my ribs.

I found out that the claims are valid because it does cover my ribs and when I get hit there it doesn’t hurt as much.

My opinions are I do recommend it. I like how it has a Velcro strap so you can adjust how tight it is.

Thank you for checking out my blogs and remember stay tuned!!

Check out the video review here:




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