Perfect Fitness Cooling Cap Review

Hey guys, thank you for reading my review of the Perfect Fitness Cooling Cap.

Today I’ll be writing to let you guys know if this cap REALLY keeps you cool.

My dad and I were shopping for some football equipment when we ran across this Perfect Fitness Cooling Cap. It costs around $10, and claims that it wicks cooling-cap-reviewmoisture and sweat, stays in place, and its fabric technology keeps you cool. It’s a one size fits all, so we decided to buy it and do a review.

I wore the cap to a football game, and I’m glad to say that it did help me stay cool for the entire game. I was on the field on offense and defense, and didn’t take not one snap off. This was a good test for the cooling cap because it was a hot day.


How Do you Use It

After opening the box, I soaked the cooling cap in cold water and wrung it out. I left it moist and put it in a plastic ziplock bag. NO, this is NOT an advertisement for Ziplock. They better send me a check if they want me to endorse them 😉

Check out the video review here:


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