Making My Own “King of Random” Blow Dart Gun

How To Make a Dart Blow Gun

Here’s a project my dad and I did last year, making a Dart Blow Guns! These are fun toys you can make in a matter of minutes, and we enjoy shooting paper darts at safe objects like balloons or plastic bottles. 

As always, exercise safety when shooting off darts. Like the old saying goes

You’ll Shoot Yer Eye Out Kid

Follow some of my parent’s Safety Tips and follow some ground rules like the ones on their Safety Contract.

Enough said, ready to begin the build? Lets Go!

Material and Tools List

  • 1Materials List1/2 x 2-ft PVC pipe
  • 3/4 x  1/2 Female to male PVC pipe Reducer
  • Duct Tape
  • Electrical Tape
  • Scissors
  • Black Spray Paint
  • 1/2 Pipe Insulation
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver

Assembling the Dart Blowgun

Connect the PVC Pipe and the Pipe Reducer

Spray Paint the Tips of the Blowgun. Allow to dry.

Cut 2 pieces of Duct Tape to Size and place sticky side up on a flat surfaceCut Second Duct Tape to Size

Roll the Pipe on the Tape, repeat for the opposite side

Roll Pipe on Duct TapeRoll Pipe on Duct Tape2Roll Duct Tape on Other Side 2Apply electrical tape to both ends of the dart gun

Roll Electrical Tape on Both Ends

Making The Paper Dart Holder

Cut a 3/4″ Donut from the insulation. This is going to become the Paper Dart Holder

Cut Insulation Donut

Slide the Dart Holder unto the Dart Gun
Apply Black Electrical Tape Around the Dart Holder to prevent it form stretching or breaking apart

Taping Dart Holder

Heat the Screwdriver tip under a flame

Heat Screw DriverMake 6-8 evenly spaced holes into the Dart Holder, as pictured below, to create openings for the darts

Make Hole on Foam 3 Make Hole on Foam Make Hole on Foam 2

Allow to air dry and cool

Foam Dart HolderThat’s it, now you have a fully functional and stylish dart gun!

Ensure there aren’t any laws or provisions against making/owning one of these in your local jurisdiction.

Check out some of the other Dart Blow Guns we’ve made! Available for purchase here


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